Saturday 2009-03-07

HelloWe are now back from a week of skiing in Sälen. We rented a small log house for a week together with our friends. This was the fourth year for Anna and Oscar to go skiing and now they are going down even red slopes. 

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Some facts about Sälen:
Sälen is a village of Malung-Sälen Municipality in Dalarna in western Sweden. The population is around 500, but every winter tens of thousands of tourists enter the area. Sälen is noted for hosting the start of Vasaloppet, the oldest (since 1922), longest (90 km), and largest cross country ski race in the world (over 15 000 participants in the main race only). It is also known for its many alpine ski resorts. Today Sälen has seven ski resorts. The oldest resort in Sälen is Högfjällshotellet which was built in 1937 and still is a good place for recreation, cross country skiing and downhill skiing. Newer resorts with steeper mountains are Hundfjället and Granfjället. Other resorts are Stöten, Lindvallen, Näsfjället, Tandådalen and Kläppen.

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Hello everyone!

Time flies!

Now we are already in the end of January and we can start to notice that the days areT getting longer again. 

Right now I am sitting in the sofa, in front of the TV, zapping the channels without finding anything that I want to watch. I have spent the whole day working in the house. Since we came home from Japan in August we have worked a lot in the house. After two years in Japan we seem to have both a need as well as the strength to change, renovate or redecorate in the house. 
Right now I am working in the garage where I am fixing the floor that was kind of damaged after years of winter parking with winter tires.

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Last weekend, Staffan and Oscar went togheter with Staffans father and brother with son to AEROSEUM, which is a museum inside what used to be classified Swedish Air Force bunker carved out of solid rock. Inside you can see all kinds of of aircrafts, from really old once to fairly new fighter aircrafts that was used until only a couple of years ago.  

In the picture above I am sitting in the pilot seat of a ”Viggen”, a fighter aircraft recently used by the swedish airforce.